2020 Organic and Natural Products Predictions by Finn Cottle, Soil Association

2020 Organic and Natural Products Predictions by Finn Cottle, Soil Association

Organic market is developing fast and companies have been launching products in organic and natural segment at a much faster pace. With the growth of organic market and higher acceptance by consumers, product range in organic segment is expected to grow in the coming years.

However, for majority of people involved in organic business, it is important to know what consumers might find interesting in future. This helps in planning to future product pipeline. Soil Association has been associated with organic certification in the United Kingdom and their team is having enough of data to predict the future trends in organic and natural foods segment across Europe. Many UK-based companies export to countries across Europe and consumers are more interested in better tasting, organic and vegan products.

Finn Cottle, trade consultant at Soil Association, is of the viewpoint that brands with organic labels and less packaging will have better chances of success. In the recent years, many socially-responsible companies have shifted to bio-degradable and cleaner packing options.

Cottle added, “While there have been more reports and documentaries on biodiversity decline and the impacts of intensive farming methods, Soil Association is hopeful that the relevance of organic as a solution will waken shoppers from their routine habits, and the majority will want to understand more about where their food comes from and how it is produced.

As per Cottle, brands that are both organic and have other attributes such as ‘free from’, ‘vegan’ or ‘less packaging’ will have the greatest chance of greater success.