EU Agriculture Commissioner Janusz Wojciechowski Aims to Promote Organic Farming

EU Agriculture Commissioner Janusz Wojciechowski Aims to Promote Organic Farming

Janusz Wojciechowski, the new EU agriculture commissioner, has vowed to promote organic farming across Europe. During his inaugural speech, Wojciechowski said that promotion of organic farming will be among key aims of the European Commission. The commission will also engage on deeper level with all the stakeholders and governments in order to promote organic farming.

The Netherlands has strong position in agriculture sector but the latest additions are factory farms and not organic farms. In terms of organic farming in Europe, Spain leads in organic farming with 2.1 million hectares under organic farming. In terms of growth of area under cultivation, France added 200,000 hectares of land under organic farming last year. In terms of percentage of land under cultivation, Austria had 24 percent of total agricultural land under organic production.

Italy and France rule at second and third rank in terms of area under organic cultivation. The demand for organic food is high in Germany, the Netherlands, France and Italy.

Poland has less area under cultivation but the country has been growing its share in packed and processed organic food.

Worldwide, there were 2.9 million organic farmers, as per the data for year 2017. This number has been steadily increasing as the number of organic products hitting the supermarket shelves has been rising.

The key address of the new EU agriculture commissioner will only offer the much needed, additional boost to organic farming sector in the European Union.