Ways to Improve Your Immunity Using SuperFoods

Ways to Improve Your Immunity Using SuperFoods

Strong Immune system is the key to leading a longer and healthier life. However, the importance of strong immunity will grow after coronavirus (COVID-19) strain brought the whole world to a grinding halt. Governments announced lock-downs and many countries faced high number of deaths, infections and other healthcare challenges.

As the reports came about coronavirus imposing higher risk for older people and those with compromised immune system, people started searching for ways to improve their immune system.

The 1918 flu pandemic (Spanish flu) was the most lethal infection in the recorded history. After 1918, the worldwide spread of coronavirus in 2020 has caused alarm for healthcare agencies and governments across the world.

While boosting immunity isn’t a bad thing and it will save us from future infections, it may not be the remedy for COVID-19. Even people with stronger immunity can get infected. Only difference is that they will be able to fight back strongly. And, that difference is the difference between COVID-19 proving fatal or just a mild illness for an individual.

So, it would be a good idea to boost your immunity. Sales for immunity improving herbs and supplements have gone up after COVID-19 outbreak in Europe and the United States.

Most infections will trigger adaptive immunity eventually. But there's another way to get it going, and that's vaccination: exposing the body to live or dead microbes, or parts of them, can help the body to identify the real deal when it comes along.

A long story published in BBC informed, “Take the symptoms of a cold – body aches, a fever, brain fog, copious amounts of snot and phlegm. Most of these problems aren’t actually caused by the virus itself. Instead, they’re triggered by your own body, on purpose: they’re part of the innate immune response.”

And, health experts predict that sales of these supplements and superfoods will remain strong for years to come as people would not forget this pandemic in the years to come. Those who have been able to successfully fight back, might give the credit to their strong immunity, healthy diet or healthy lifestyle. Even being mentally strong is a great help in dealing with any kind of illness (that is the reason placebo works on many patients). When the patient is confident that he has been given the pill by doctor, the confidence boost also offers the much needed energy and positive attitude to fight with the illness.

Sales for Vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin D and many other supplements have increased in the recent days.

In terms of superfoods, people have started buying more of turmeric, dry ginger powder (fresh ginger), maca powder, ashwagandha. Organic market team checked with some of the major suppliers in Europe and they have reported higher sales for some of the superfood powders. Organic freeze dried Acai Berry powder (an amazing source of Vitamin C and other minerals) has witnessed strong sales despite its high price.

A popular yoga teacher and promoter of ayurvedic venture Patanjali Ayurved in India, Baba Ramdev, has been promoting his three magic pills for years in India. He has a strong fan-following across the country and even abroad. Patanjali Ayurved has three most selling products in natural supplements range – Neem, Giloy and Tulsi. As soon as the lockdown was announced in India, Baba Ramdev appeared on TV channels urging people to start taking these immunity boosters. Many people confirm that these pills are highly effective.

Whatever happens, people will keep on adding more superfoods and supplements in their diet. The sales of vitamins have been rising all over the world. The market for vitamins is growing in the United States and Europe but in Asian countries, it is even growing faster.

Superfoods offer benefits for people who use them. And, majority of users would stop consuming a particular supplement or superfood if they don’t see a positive impact.

While some people in the medical community will continue to look at supplements and superfoods with suspicion, the fact is that people want a natural remedy for their health issues and not chemicals in form of pills.

Majority of medications have side effects and many of these side effects aren’t even published by drug companies. So, if someone is able to manage his health condition with a natural supplement, WHY NOT!