Organic Wine Production in Spain Jumps by 10%

Organic Wine Production in Spain Jumps by 10%

Spain is leading Europe in organic wine production with 1,033 organic wine producers by year end 2018, compared to 940 in 2017. The figures for year 2019 are expected to be even higher as demand for organic wine in the market increases. Italy has also witnessed growth in organic wine production in the recent years.

Wine experts have told Organic Market during recent trade events that organic wine is the fastest growing segment in the European region. While Spain and Italy are leading in production, consumption of organic wine is growing at the fastest pace in Germany. In Germany and United Kingdom, major retail chains have started offering more space to organic wines. In addition to wines priced at lower end of the market, retail chains are also looking at moderately priced organic wines to cater to health conscious consumer.

In Spain, an industry body named Spanish Organic Wines (SOW), was formed in year 2014. SOW exports wine for 38 Spanish organic wine producers. SOW claims that majority of organic wine produced in Spain is exported while the domestic consumption remained low. Compared to French and Italian wines, the price of Spanish wines is in affordable range, making them an excellent choice for importers in other European countries.

Organic wine producers in Spain are also looking forward to Barcelona Wine Week (to be held in 3-5 February 2020) in order to find trade partners in European Union. This event will be held for the first time in Barcelona and the team has received tremendous support from wine producers across Spain. The event has been supported by Spanish Wine Federation and 600 wine producers are expected to showcase their wines at the event.